Math Projects

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Below are a few math projects that I have worked on during school and in my free time.

Math Art: Latin Square

According to Wikipedia: "A Latin square is an n × n table filled with n different symbols in such a way that each symbol occurs exactly once in each row and exactly once in each column." It is like a Sudoku board, but disregarding the nine 3 × 3 squares.

Math Senior Project Presentations

During my senior year at Bradley (2008-2009), I presented the results from my senior project at three events. Here are the listing of my presentations.

Date Event
November 8, 2008 St. Norbert College
Regional Undergraduate Math Conference
Schedule (pdf) Slides (pdf)
April 3, 2009 Bradley University
Schedule (pdf) Slides (pdf)
May 4, 2009 Bradley University
Math Senior Presentation
Slides (pdf)

Math Senior Project: Golf Scheduling Problem

Consider a golf tournament in which twelve players split up into three groups of four to play five rounds. (Groups can be different in each round.) Is it possible for each player to play in a group with each other player at least once, but no more than twice? We explore and expand this problem, presenting computer algorithms and mathematical results.

In general, a golf schedule has x people per group, y groups, z rounds, and r times each player plays with each other one.  In the motivating problem discussed above we have x=4, y=3, z=5, and 1? r? 2.

Full Text (pdf)