Evolution Mail with Bradley University's B-Mail

In this tutorial I will explain how to configure Evolution with Bradley University's B-Mail, a web-mail based on G-Mail. 
E-mails are stored on a Google server, not on a Bradley server which makes it a little confusing and is the reason I am writing this tutorial.

Before you can configure Evolution, make sure POP and IMAP are enabled.  To enable them login to http://mail.bradley.edu and go to "Settings" at the top right.  Under the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, make sure status for POP and IMAP are enabled.  If they are not, enable them.

Step 1

Once installed, open Evolution Mail.  If it is your first time opening it you will automatically be brought to this menu.  If you have already configured Evolution with another account you can add more by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Mail Accounts and then click the add button in the top right. 

 Mail Configuration

Step 2

Give your name in the "Full Name" text box and your full Bradley Email in the "Email Address" text box.


Step 3

Choose POP as the server type.  The server is "pop.gmail.com".  Make sure to give you full Email address for the "Username".  Then choose SSL encryption.  You can check remember password if you would like.

 Receiving Email

Step 4

Check the options that you would like.  I personally like to leave messages on the server as a backup and automatically check the server, but it is totally up to you.

 Receiving Options

Step 5

Choose SMTP as the "Server Type".  The server is smtp.gmail.bradley.edu, make sure you have the full address typed in.  Under "Use Secure Connection" choose "SSL encryption". The "Username" is your full Bradley email.

Sending Email

Step 6

Fill in the "Name" entry with something to identify this account.

 Account Management

Step 7

Click"Apply" and you are done.


Now that you have set up your account, click "Send / Recieve" at the top and you will be prompted for your password.  (Note:  I have had some trouble with the password.  For some reason it does not always update when you update your password.  You can try an older password or I have found more luck if I update it at mybu.bradley.edu).  Hope this helps.