Send Email Via Comman Line

Here is a short explanation on how to send an email from the command line using sendEmail.  I will also explain a few of the problems that I encountered when attempting to do this in Ubuntu 8.04.

Math Senior Project: Golf Scheduling Problem

Consider a golf tournament in which twelve players split up into three groups of four to play five rounds. (Groups can be different in each round.) Is it possible for each player to play in a group with each other player at least once, but no more than twice? We explore and expand this problem, presenting computer algorithms and mathematical results.

In general, a golf schedule has x people per group, y groups, z rounds, and r times each player plays with each other one.  In the motivating problem discussed above we have x=4, y=3, z=5, and 1? r? 2.

Full Text (pdf)

Site Redesign

Finally decided to clean up the color scheme and the CSS on my site.  Still isn't completely how I would like, but I'm experimenting.  And at least it looks a whole lot better than it did.  I used to pick out the colors, a great resource for anyone who is horrible at choosing colors like me.

Backup Flash Drive

Using the popular backup program rsyn, I have written two very short scrips that will backup my flash drive each time it is unmounted from my computer.

Five Little Gnome Features

I have comprised a list of the five features in Gnome that I can not live without.  While not all are exclusive to Gnome, (Other Linux desktop environments, such as KDE and XFCE, have some of these features too) they remind me when I am forced to use a Windows machine of why I switched to Linux.  All five of these have definitely made my life a little easier and hopefully made me more productive.