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The following posts are tutorials that I have written up primarily to remind myself, but I thought they could be worthwhile to someone else. Some of these tutorials will only work on a Ubuntu or other Debian based Linux distributions, while others are more general programming concepts.

Backup Flash Drive

Using the popular backup program rsyn, I have written two very short scrips that will backup my flash drive each time it is unmounted from my computer.

Five Little Gnome Features

I have comprised a list of the five features in Gnome that I can not live without.  While not all are exclusive to Gnome, (Other Linux desktop environments, such as KDE and XFCE, have some of these features too) they remind me when I am forced to use a Windows machine of why I switched to Linux.  All five of these have definitely made my life a little easier and hopefully made me more productive.

Evolution Mail with Bradley University's B-Mail

In this tutorial I will explain how to configure Evolution with Bradley University's B-Mail, a web-mail based on G-Mail. 
E-mails are stored on a Google server, not on a Bradley server which makes it a little confusing and is the reason I am writing this tutorial.